About Us

Hi everyone and welcome to The Maker Deli, your shop for unique mixed media and art journaling stencils, stamps and supplies. We focus on high-quality and one-of-a-kind items designed by artists for your individual crafting experience.

Our goal is to bring you great supplies that will spark your creativity and if you need inspiration or ideas check out the Recipe Book for the latest art recipes.


JosefineJosefine is a mixed media artist with an art craving for everything messy. She started crafting in 2014 and after experimenting with scrapbooking for a little, she found her love for card making and art journaling. Since then, she has started a blog (www.HolyLise.com) and taught classes locally, among other things. She loves sharing techniques and project ideas with others. The more she learned about mixed media herself, the more she wanted to share. That's why this is not only going to be an online store, but also a platform that shows you what you can do with all these supplies. 


Nate is Josefine's husband and has supported her from day one. He might even be the bigger enabler from these two. Inspired by the latest advancements in technology and watching Josefine being crafty, he started experimenting with 3D printers, air brushing and resin art.


Freedom is a Rat Terrier girl that loves to spend time in the craft room, mainly sleeping, but sometimes approving the projects of Josefine and Nate. 


Thanks so much for stopping by. Have fun looking around and if you have any questions, let us know